Unleashing Creativity - For The 11 Plus Creative Writing Exam

Updated:January 23, 2024
Author:Creative Hare

 The Key to Creative Writing Success

If you’ve got a little one gearing up for the 11 Plus Creative Writing Exam, you might be wondering how to channel their imagination into words that sparkle on the page. 

Fear not, because we’re about to embark on a journey of unleashing your child’s creativity through some practical exercises. These tips aim to nurture a vibrant imagination –  that will also set the stage for success in the exam.

Storytelling with a Twist

  • One way to kickstart your child’s imagination is by playing the ‘Storytelling with a Twist’ game.
  • Sit down with your young writer and start a story. 
  • After a few sentences, throw in a twist, like introducing a talking animal or sending the characters on a time-travel adventure.

Encourage your child to take the reins and continue the narrative with their own imaginative twists and turns. 

This exercise not only boosts creativity but also promotes personal autonomy – a crucial element in achieving satisfaction. 


Imaginary Friend Interviews

Remember those imaginary friends your child used to have? 

Well, they can be more than just invisible companions. Turn them into interviewees! 

Ask your child to imagine an interview scenario where they’re the host and their imaginary friend is the guest. 

What would they ask? What stories would their friend share? 

This exercise not only encourages creativity but also helps in developing character depth and dialogue skills, which are key elements in the 11 Plus Creative Writing Exam.


Picture Perfect Inspiration

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Use this to your advantage by selecting intriguing images and encouraging your child to build a story around them. 

Picture perfect...

  • A mysterious castle
  • A bustling market
  • A serene forest

There are plenty of websites which have a whole host of exciting images, check out my previous blog for some go-to writing prompts inspiration

Allow some time for the image to spark your child’s imagination, allowing their mind to wander and explore. It’s important not to skip this step as your child’s creativity will play when it feels stirred. 

This exercise is great for enhancing descriptive writing skills, an essential component of the creative writing exam.

Focused rest

Now, I know it might sound like a bit of an oxymoron – rest and exam prep in the same sentence? 

But hear me out. 

Children, just like adults, need a break from the constant grind. 

It’s like recharging their creativity batteries.

Think about it this way – when your young writer is constantly hitting the books, their brain starts to resemble a tired old computer struggling to open a hundred tabs at once. 

That’s where focused rest is essential for success. 

Encourage your child to take breaks. It could be a quick walk, a bit of doodling, or even just staring into space. 

This downtime allows their brains to process their learning in their own time and make connections they might have missed in the study frenzy.


The Magic of Word Associations

Unlock the magic of word associations to expand your child’s vocabulary and encourage creative thinking. You could try it out during a  long car journey. 

Start with a random word and ask your child to say the first thing that comes to mind. Then, use that word as the starting point for a short story. 

This exercise not only fosters creativity but also teaches the art of making connections between seemingly unrelated ideas – a skill that can set your child’s writing apart in the exam.


Role Reversal

If your child is ready for a challenge then you could switch things up a bit by playing the role reversal game. Ask your child to imagine a world where the roles of animals, or people are reversed. 

For example:

  • What would a world look like where cats have human-like qualities?
  • Or where trees can talk?

This imaginative exercise not only sparks creativity but also challenges your child to think beyond the ordinary, which is a fun skill in creative responses. 

Sensory Storytelling

Immerse your child in the world of sensory storytelling. 

Choose an object or scenario and encourage them to describe it using all five senses. 

What does it look like? 

How does it smell, sound, taste, and feel? 

By incorporating sensory details into their writing, your child not only brings their stories to life but also demonstrates a mastery of descriptive language, a key aspect of the 11 Plus Creative Writing Exam.

Creative Writing Prompts

Utilising creative writing prompts serve as fantastic points for imaginative stories. Whether it’s a prompt about time travel, a magical potion, or an unexpected friendship, these prompts can ignite your child’s creative spark and guide them to construct compelling narratives. 

This exercise not only helps in idea generation but also aids in structuring a story effectively. If you’re looking to supercharge your child’s story structure skills check out my one-to-one Story Structure course

Collaborative Storytelling – Play the game of Consequences 

Collaborative storytelling is a fun and interactive way to foster creativity. Sit down with your child, grab two pieces of paper and a couple of pencils and take turns adding to a story, one sentence at a time. The final story is then read out (this is the best part) as it’s likely to be silly, with giggles!

This back-and-forth not only promotes creative thinking but also teaches the importance of coherence in storytelling – skills that will undoubtedly benefit your child in the 11 Plus Creative Writing Exam.



In the world of the 11 Plus Creative Writing Exam, fostering an open minded mindset in your child so they can unleash their imagination will be key to their success. 

I hope these practical exercises not only make preparation fun and child-friendly but also lay the foundation for effective storytelling. 

Remember: the goal is not just to prepare for an exam but to cultivate a love for writing that will last a lifetime. 

So, roll up your sleeves, dive into these exercises (perhaps your child can invent their own exercises) with your young writer, and watch their individual voice at play!


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