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12-week Creative Writing Programme

Bright to Brilliant

If you have a child in Year 3- Year 6 who is ready to step out of their creative comfort zone, Bright to Brilliant could be perfect.

What's inside Bright to Brilliant?

This isn't just a programme; it's a turbocharged pathway to 11 Plus success for ambitious young writers. We'll dive into the full spectrum of 11 Plus creative writing questions. I'll guide you through my effective planning framework, step-by-step to help you to quickly structure your ideas in a captivating and confident manner. You'll receive weekly personalised marking feedback on your written work to keep you progressing.

What's involved in Bright to Brilliant?

Planning and Writing

Over 12 weeks, we’ll cover the full range of 11 Plus creative writing questions, delivered in twelve 60-75-minute live, online lessons to give your child the tools they need to be become a confident writer. Classes are small and supportive, designed to unleash your child's potential. You'll get lifetime access to all the planning templates and guided writing tutorials which cover the essential components for successful exam writing.

Narrative Development

We’ll dive into the thrilling world of plot twists, suspense and character development. Discussing the secrets to unravelling character motivations, nailing dialogue and incorporating descriptive language to make your storytelling truly come alive.

Setting and Atmosphere

I’ll guide your child in creating an engaging description of a setting. We'll dive into the creative process, using vivid descriptions and sensory details to build imaginative worlds that set the perfect mood and atmosphere within a clear structure.

Crafting Non-fiction

We’ll delve into the process of building compelling arguments, understanding the art of persuasion, and inject a personal touch into recounts and diary entries. By using smart planning, colourful language, and keeping in mind who they're writing for, your child will not only nail the technical stuff but also bring in some creative storytelling vibes.

Success Checklists

I’ll provide checklists that serve as friendly guides, helping your child to reflect on their writing triumphs and areas for improvement. Empowering your young writer to take charge of their progress and enjoy the journey of continuous improvement in their writing skills.


In the group version of the course, you'll be able to upload your child's written work for personalised, annotated marking feedback. If you’re enrolled in 1:1 Bright to Brilliant, you'll also upload your work, and I’ll provide feedback during our scheduled sessions. Before you join the small group course, I offer a 20 minute Zoom call for your child to get to know me and ask any questions. For 1:1 Bright to Brilliant, parents can book a feedback Zoom call with me at the end of the course.

Reviews from parents

(4 reviews)

Thank you so much for the update on his progress - it's amazing to hear how well he's doing! I'm especially happy to hear he is enjoying the "show don't tell" and is getting so inquisitive about words.Your insights about his approach to writing are really helpful, and I appreciate the analogy of learning as a “to do” list. It makes perfect sense. I'm sure that, as you say, his writing will become more natural and fluid with time and practice. I'm also learning as we go along so it's great to have your experience to guide us.

1:1 Bright to Brilliant - Year 5 parent

Rated 5 out of 5
What was your child's favourite aspect of course? Mainly creating that space for him to do what he enjoys the most by allowing him to learn more about creative writing while receiving very quickly nurturing and professional feedback, which allow him to grow and learn. It increased his confidence, which is helping him so much not only in terms of creative writing but at a personal level in other areas of his day to day life. I just think that Clare has set up an extremely well thought through structure for this sessions. For my son a plus was having other kids attending the session as encouraged him to be more active within the group.


Rated 5 out of 5
She liked the tiger picture to give her an idea where to start and because it was an interesting idea. She says her writing is more fun and easier now that she knows where her stories are going. She learned to have a plan which she has used again. She's also learned that it’s ok (and actually even good) to cross things out in her stories. Encouraged to edit. Given lots of positive encouragement and feedback.


Rated 5 out of 5
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Claire's story writing workshop, which provided a safe and inviting space and story prompts to inspire creativity. My daughter loved writing her story and learnt to craft her story (beginning to end) in a structured and thoughtful way.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tangible results?

Bright to Brilliant is truly transformative, and as such, if additional weeks are required to ensure that every child attains the knowledge and skills essential for becoming a confident writer, I am committed to extending the journey. My goal is for each enrolled child to feel empowered with the expertise necessary to embrace the art of confident writing.

Should I choose a small group or 1:1 Bright to Brilliant?

I keep the group size capped at a maximum of 5, ensuring that personal attention is at the forefront – rest assured, no one slips under my radar. As a part of my commitment, I'll provide a 30-minute one-on-one session for your child and me to connect before the course kicks off. It's an opportunity to delve into any queries they may have, setting the stage for a personalised and impactful learning journey. Each week, your child has the chance to showcase their work, receiving annotations on their work directly from me. This feedback loop ensures clarity on their strengths and areas for improvement, bridging the gap toward achieving high marks in every piece of writing. It's not just a course; it's a tailored experience designed to maximise your child's potential and propel them towards their dreams of exam success. 1:1 Bright to Brilliant is exclusively for young minds that thrive in an individualised learning environment. It's for children who have a thirst for knowledge and who understand that brilliance is not just a destination, but a constant pursuit fuelled by passion to be the best young writer they can be.

What resources will my child need?

A stable internet connection and a laptop or computer. Your child will need a lined writing book and a pen or pencil. All the PDF templates and other resources will be available for you to download and print inside the course programme.

What's your cancellation policy?

In the event that you need to cancel no refund will be available, but your child will be able to catch-up on any missed work with the videos and templates provided inside the programme.

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