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Unlocking Your Child's Creative Writing Brilliance

Is your child struggling to progress with their creative writing? If so, I’m delighted that you’ve found this page. 

I understand the desire to give your child the best possible chance to shine, and succeed, as well as to equip them with a lifelong love of learning.  

I also know that in reality, the pressure and stress of learning, and exams can really take its toll…On the whole family.

If your child’s creative writing has stalled or plateaued, you may feel the obvious solution is more practice. But practice alone isn’t enough. To become more confident writers, children need self-belief – in their ideas and their creative abilities.


Do these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your child is capable but lacks the writing strategies to score highly, and you’re not sure how to help them. 
  • You’re worried your child’s potential is drowning in a crowded classroom, progress is stagnant and the clock is ticking!
  • You’re not entirely sure how to help your child overcome their frustrations with writing, there are tears and upset and it’s breaking your heart.
  • The very mention of homework kicks up a storm, and you’ve come to dread the very thought of it.
  • Your child has become hyper sensitive about the hard time they’re having with their writing and you sense their reluctance to share what they’re doing with you. 

If so, firstly, you’re by no means alone – many parents feel the same way, and secondly, it’s no wonder this is a familiar experience for so many families! 

I mean, let’s face it, unless you’re specifically trained in exam level English vocabulary and Creative Writing, how else are you supposed to know exactly how to support your child with their creative writing? 

It’s a minefield fraught with frustration and uncertainty! 

Well, just imagine…the end results….

  • Receiving offer letters from your top-choice schools.
  • Accepting an offer from your favourite school.
  • Seeing the culmination of a valuable investment in your child’s education.
  • Feeling a sense of joy and pride, knowing your child will have the opportunity to attend a school that aligns with your values and
  • The self-assurance to continue their success in their academic journey.

It’s entirely possible, and it can happen without the tears and stress!

Now, you may be thinking ‘what if my child is just not a naturally creative writer?’ Perhaps your child is gifted in maths and the sciences and you might wonder if they’re just more ‘left brain’ orientated…Rather than ‘right brain’ creative…

The truth is, every single child has a natural gift for storytelling.  It’s inbuilt within all of us!! 

The real problem that your child is struggling has nothing to do with their abilities as a creative writer, and everything to do with the widespread, outdated tutoring methods.

All schools face the same limitations in the learning environment: time constraints in class, peer pressure, a lack of resources for individual growth and too little time to think and develop ideas.

Children can be lost in such environments they’re offered challenges in class but then lack the time to think, and develop their ideas, which knocks their confidence and stunts their creativity.

Is it any surprise that over the past decade, there has been a steady increase in the number of parents electing to homeschool their children, not just in the UK, but worldwide?

However, if you’re like most parents I know,  you have careers and multiple commitments to juggle (not to mention the fact that your left eye is still twitching from the whole stressful homeschooling taster experience you had during the Covid-19 lock-down!)

Which is where I come in. 

Hi, my name is Clare Lloyd, The founder of Creative Hare, and my seminal Bright to Brilliant™ Programme for 10+ and 11+ exam success.

After a decade of teaching in some of London’s top independent schools, I became a full time private English tutor, helping children to grow a love of creative writing and storytelling. Unlocking a new found confidence to express their unique voice,  helping them achieve exam success, minus all the overwhelm! 

My Final Word:

Your young writer will love going from Bright to Brilliant! I promise it will increase their writing confidence and help them to understand how to deal with the kind of questions that will come up in their exam.

I support ambitious, forward thinking parents, to work with their child to achieve wild creative writing confidence for exam success. Unlocking your child’s highest potential by empowering creative expression, confidence and joy.

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What do Parents think?

Here are some kind words from the children’s parents

“'I wanted to update you on how Nia got on. She got all 6 school offers (Godolphin & Latymer, Francis Holland Sloane Square, Alleyn's, Wimbledon High, Putney High and Kingston Grammar). She was awarded an academic scholarship by Francis Holland and was shortlisted for the academic scholarship assessments at Alleyn's. Her offer letter stated: Nia can take much pride in her overall performance – particularly her English assessment – and she will, I am sure, make a valuable contribution to the life of the School in the coming years. We are so thankful for all your work with Nia in the past two years and recognise that you are possibly the main reason for Nia's high achievements in English. She now says that one her favourite subjects is creative writing and enjoys it very much. You have done wonders with her...'”

11 Plus Parent

“Thank you so much for the update on his progress - it's amazing to hear how well he's doing! I'm especially happy to hear he is enjoying the "show don't tell" and is getting so inquisitive about words.Your insights about his approach to writing are really helpful, and I appreciate the analogy of learning as a “to do” list. It makes perfect sense. I'm sure that, as you say, his writing will become more natural and fluid with time and practice. I'm also learning as we go along so it's great to have your experience to guide us.”

1:1 Bright to Brilliant - Year 5 parent

Rated 5 out of 5
“I have used Clare to help my son with his Common Entrance prep. She was absolutely amazing. Not only is she a real teacher who knows how children actually learns and what they need to close their knowledge gaps, but she was also so in-tuned to my son’s learning style, not to mention always kind and with a smile on her face. She made the hard work easy and we are just so very lucky to have been able to work together. My son got to the top schools he aimed for and we remain forever grateful.”

Parent - SW London

Rated 5 out of 5
“My daughter Leia (Year 3) loves the lessons with Clare because they are structured in a fun way that encourages imagination. Each session is designed to enrich vocabulary and ends with a beautifully written essay about various topics. There was a noticeable improvement in my daughter's writing only after three sessions and Leia is very proud every time she has used a new word in her writing. After each session Clare provides a pdf summary of the words that have been used in the session, which we find very helpful as we can practice all the words until the next session. ”

Parent - SW London

Rated 5 out of 5
“Charlie has clearly enjoyed his lessons with you and we would like to thank you for all that you've done with him. At last week's parents' evening his English teacher said that Charlie is doing really well and he's very pleased with all his work. ”

Parent - SW London

“I'd like to let you know that Sarah got an offer from Latymer. Although it was a very short period of time for her to prepare for the exam, she managed to get this positive result. As you know, Latymer mark the maths and verbal reasoning tests first then proceed to mark English for top 750 applicants. Her rank moved up more than 100 after her English got marked. She did really well in English. We sincerely thank you for all the support and effort. Although it was a very limited number of sessions she could have due to our short notice, it really helped her. Thank you very much. ”

Year 6 Parent

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