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Story Writing Group Course

I'll bring out your child's inner voice

Does your child struggle to weave together a plot? I will give your child the skills and confidence to craft compelling short stories and nail any creative writing exam.


Support for every writer

This course is perfect for ambitious writers who crave the guidance and direction to help them elevate their creative writing. Whether they’re struggling to form their creative ideas into a plot, or simply freezing at the idea of the blank page, together we’ll learn to apply simple storytelling devices and techniques so they can let go of their fears and write with complete confidence and freedom.

What is the schedule of the 5-day story writing course?

Day 1 - Structure

Learn how to recognise and discuss structure by retelling a short story in your own words. We'll use a creative image or enjoy watching a short video clip to get you in the creative mood before you have fun telling the tale your way. I’ll support you by showing you how to use a guided writing frame to help you structure your writing and avoid getting carried away!

Day 2 - Harness your powerful ideas

Discover how to capture stories with simple, yet effective plot outlines. This time we’ll use a curious image to ignite your imagination before looking at some key plot themes. I’ll be there to help you focus on your own exciting plotline, using a basic planning frame.

Day 3 - Guided writing practice

Take on the challenge of a targeted piece of writing with consistent, live verbal feedback to help you as you go. You’ll be using your plan from the previous session as a guide to help you write your story. Throughout the session, we’ll share snippets of your story as you write so we can discuss how things are going and work out how to move forward together.

Day 4 - Get creative

Now’s the time to get the imagination going as inspiring visual prompts help spark new story ideas as you plan and write a new tale. With more pictures to spark ideas, you’ll be able to use the feedback from your previous stories to help you plan a new one. We'll also look at how to use those sophisticated literary devices to help your writing come alive. The target is an imaginative and well-structured tale, which we can create more easily now we’re used to the planning frame technique.

Day 5 - Edit and Review

We’ll look at different types of ending themes and you’ll be able to choose the theme you love the most. I’ll show you how to structure a fabulous ending that’s not rushed, by prompting you as you complete your work.


A payment of £275 is required to confirm your child's spot on the course. There will be five 75-minute sessions and parents will receive insightful feedback that truly matters at the conclusion of the course.

My final word

Creative writing is nothing to be scared of or intimidated by. But it is something very personal to your child. What inspires and engages them may not be the same as it is for others. If you let me, I’ll help your child unlock their individual writer’s voice and become the confident, happy and successful writer we both know they can be.

Reviews from parents

(3 reviews)

Rated 5 out of 5
What was your child's favourite aspect of course? Mainly creating that space for him to do what he enjoys the most by allowing him to learn more about creative writing while receiving very quickly nurturing and professional feedback, which allow him to grow and learn. It increased his confidence, which is helping him so much not only in terms of creative writing but at a personal level in other areas of his day to day life. I just think that Clare has set up an extremely well thought through structure for this sessions. For my son a plus was having other kids attending the session as encouraged him to be more active within the group.


Rated 5 out of 5
She liked the tiger picture to give her an idea where to start and because it was an interesting idea. She says her writing is more fun and easier now that she knows where her stories are going. She learned to have a plan which she has used again. She's also learned that it’s ok (and actually even good) to cross things out in her stories. Encouraged to edit. Given lots of positive encouragement and feedback.


Rated 5 out of 5
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Claire's story writing workshop, which provided a safe and inviting space and story prompts to inspire creativity. My daughter loved writing her story and learnt to craft her story (beginning to end) in a structured and thoughtful way.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the group size?

There will be a maximum of 6 children in the group. Your child will enjoy soaking up the energy and support from fellow young writers.

When can I start?

The course is exclusively available in the school holidays. To book please enquire for upcoming dates.

Do I need to supervise my child during sessions?

Feel free to kick back while your child tackles their lesson independently—you just need to be within earshot throughout the session.

What happens if we miss one creative writing class?

While the course fee is non-refundable, if your child happens to miss a lesson, no worries! I can supply the materials for them to catch up at their own pace in their free time.

Will there be homework?

No, there is no formal homework as the idea is to foster a love of writing rather than an obligation. However, will happily give you some tips on how you can support your child’s writing at home. I often find children volunteer to work on their stories in their own time - when something is made to be fun, they want to do more of it!

Will parents receive feedback?

Yes! Feel free to send over your child's writing from the sessions, and I'll happily share meaningful feedback with you via email at the end of the course.

What resources will my child need?

Grab a writing journal and a trusty pen for your child. I'll email you any PDF lesson materials before the course starts. Make sure your Internet is stable, and keep your device's video and microphone on for the entire lesson. Easy peasy!

What's your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your course booking, whilst no refunds are available unless I'm able to fill your spot. On the bright side, you can also opt to transfer to another date within a 12-month window.

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