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Guidance to the 11+

Tutoring for the whole family maximises 11+ success

In an ultra-competitive educational system, I know how important it is that your child passes the 11+.  Gaining entry to the best school – the one that’s right for your child – should be a family affair.  I will help you achieve success in your goal through fun yet focused 11+ Creative Writing exam preparation for your child and a unique parent workshop too.


Being prepared for life

Supporting your child with their 11+ helps them:

Increase overall self-confidence

Expand their whole vocabulary

Track their progress against their goals

Promote strong literacy and grammar

What can I offer

Tutoring for you and your child for the 11+ Creative Writing exam

11+ Creative Writing Tuition

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A unique child-friendly coaching approach, achieving success through challenge and nurture.


11+ Parent Workshop


Understanding the intricacies of the 11+ Creative Writing exam as parents is your secret weapon. Most families tutor their children in 11+ preparation but fail to educate themselves with the trade secrets of success. I offer this unique 11+ for parents workshop to help you discover what’s expected of your child. We’ll talk through proven exam strategies and I’ll lift the lid on past papers to give you clarity on what’s ahead.


What do Parents think?

Here are some reviews from the children’s parents

“Thank you so much for the update on his progress - it's amazing to hear how well he's doing! I'm especially happy to hear he is enjoying the "show don't tell" and is getting so inquisitive about words.Your insights about his approach to writing are really helpful, and I appreciate the analogy of learning as a “to do” list. It makes perfect sense. I'm sure that, as you say, his writing will become more natural and fluid with time and practice. I'm also learning as we go along so it's great to have your experience to guide us.”

1:1 Bright to Brilliant - Year 5 parent

Rated 5 out of 5
“I have used Clare to help my son with his Common Entrance prep. She was absolutely amazing. Not only is she a real teacher who knows how children actually learns and what they need to close their knowledge gaps, but she was also so in-tuned to my son’s learning style, not to mention always kind and with a smile on her face. She made the hard work easy and we are just so very lucky to have been able to work together. My son got to the top schools he aimed for and we remain forever grateful.”

Parent - SW London

Rated 5 out of 5
“My daughter Leia (Year 3) loves the lessons with Clare because they are structured in a fun way that encourages imagination. Each session is designed to enrich vocabulary and ends with a beautifully written essay about various topics. There was a noticeable improvement in my daughter's writing only after three sessions and Leia is very proud every time she has used a new word in her writing. After each session Clare provides a pdf summary of the words that have been used in the session, which we find very helpful as we can practice all the words until the next session. ”

Parent - SW London

Rated 5 out of 5
“Charlie has clearly enjoyed his lessons with you and we would like to thank you for all that you've done with him. At last week's parents' evening his English teacher said that Charlie is doing really well and he's very pleased with all his work. ”

Parent - SW London

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