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Quick Write!

Ace creative writing in a flash!

Does your child enjoy creative writing but feel overwhelmed by writing under pressure? Do they thrive in an encouraging environment where they feel supported to take on new challenges?

Support for every writer

Quick Write! is a series of 45-minute timed creative writing challenges designed to empower children to express themselves confidently within a set timeframe. Through a carefully crafted blend of inspiring image prompts, written prompts and vocabulary games, your child will embark on a journey to unleash their creativity and cultivate a passion and momentum in their writing.

Here's what makes Quick Write! different:

Empowering Tools:

These timed writing sessions equip your child with the essential tools needed to excel in creative writing assessments effortlessly. By participating, they'll gain invaluable skills to tackle writing challenges with enthusiasm and finesse.

Positive Mindset:

The relaxed yet focused approach ensures that your child associates timed writing with a positive and enjoyable experience. This cultivates a supercharged mindset towards timed creative writing assessments, reducing any apprehension or nervousness they might feel in the classroom or exam hall, ahead of mock exams.

Personalised Feedback:

I believe in the power of personalised guidance. Your child will have the opportunity to submit their work for personalised feedback, tailored to help them to elevate their creative writing skills to new heights.

Reviews from parents

(3 reviews)

Rated 5 out of 5
What was your child's favourite aspect of course? Mainly creating that space for him to do what he enjoys the most by allowing him to learn more about creative writing while receiving very quickly nurturing and professional feedback, which allow him to grow and learn. It increased his confidence, which is helping him so much not only in terms of creative writing but at a personal level in other areas of his day to day life. I just think that Clare has set up an extremely well thought through structure for this sessions. For my son a plus was having other kids attending the session as encouraged him to be more active within the group.


Rated 5 out of 5
She liked the tiger picture to give her an idea where to start and because it was an interesting idea. She says her writing is more fun and easier now that she knows where her stories are going. She learned to have a plan which she has used again. She's also learned that it’s ok (and actually even good) to cross things out in her stories. Encouraged to edit. Given lots of positive encouragement and feedback.


Rated 5 out of 5
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Claire's story writing workshop, which provided a safe and inviting space and story prompts to inspire creativity. My daughter loved writing her story and learnt to craft her story (beginning to end) in a structured and thoughtful way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

There are two classes. One for children in Year 3 and another for those in Years 4-7.

What's the group size?

There will be a maximum of 5 children in a group. Your child will enjoy soaking up the energy from fellow ambitious young writers!

When can I start?

You can start whenever you want! Different writing prompts will be used so your child can join as many sessions as they want.

Do I need to supervise my child during sessions?

Feel free to kick back while your child tackles their lesson independently—you just need to be within earshot throughout the session.

What happens if we miss one creative writing class?

While the Quick Write! fee is non-refundable, if your child happens to miss a lesson, no worries! I can supply the prompt for them to catch up in their free time and they'll still receive personalised feedback.

Will parents receive feedback?

Yes! Feel free to upload your child's writing from the sessions and I'll happily share my feedback - designed to inspire and up level your child's writing!

What resources will my child need?

Your child will just need a writing journal or lined paper and a trusty pen. And of course a quiet place to write! Make sure your Internet is stable, and keep your device's video and microphone on for the entire lesson. Easy peasy!

What's your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your booking, whilst no refunds are available, unless I'm able to fill your spot, you can opt to transfer your block of 5-sessions to another date within a 12-month window.

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