Case Study

How increasing confidence can transform attainment

Updated:February 9, 2024
Author:Creative Hare

Alina was in Year 5 and attending a state primary school in London when we first started working together. A bright and diligent girl whose creative writing journey embarked on a unique transformation. Maths and comprehension were a breeze for her and despite a love for mystery fiction books, she found herself in a plateau, feeling indifferent towards her writing. Her vocabulary seemed stuck in a safe zone, despite the encouragement from her Mum and school.

This young writer, with a heart full of determination, remained steadfast in her pursuit of success. She was hardworking and gentle, a student who possessed a quiet perseverance. However, her writing had become somewhat predictable, lacking the depth and flair she admired in her favourite mystery novels and that we knew she was capable of achieving.



My early observations showed she

  • was bright, under confident yet she had an ambitious drive
  • had a tendency to over plan her stories
  • was preoccupied with the technical side of writing
  • played it safe with vocabulary

After 4 months of tutoring…

For four months, she committed to regular writing practice. It wasn’t about meeting a deadline or impressing others, but about unlocking her own potential and discovering the joy in expressing herself.

As the weeks unfolded, a shift in her mindset occurred. The once hesitant writer began taking risks with her words, experimenting with new vocabulary, and exploring creative avenues she had never ventured into before. It was a joy to witness her confidence blossoming.

The transformation was not merely on paper; it reflected in her demeanour and attitude towards writing. The sparkle in her eyes and the enthusiasm in her voice echoed the newfound passion she had discovered. The journey wasn’t just about achieving higher writing attainment; it was about the joy of expressing oneself authentically.




She achieved success at the 11 Plus entrance exam to her chosen Grammar school in London.